Meet Mrs Robinson

"What began as one simple idea has now sparked millions of ideas within tiny little people. To me, that's what this is all about" - Kate Robinson

Image of Petite Maison Play founder, Kate Robinson and daughter sitting below Space Station Table Tent cubby

Welcome to our beautiful home, Petite Maison Play. Here, we are all about play. Because playtime can do so much.

I’ve always been a big kid for as long as I can remember. Communicating with others throughout joyful and meaningful connection was a pillar in my childhood home. 

My mother is a people person - a generous, loving, and creative person. Growing up, she was a little kooky, inviting me to own my eccentricity too. 

As a single mum, she made up for material possessions in spades through unbridled imagination and pure kindness. It was the most content, creative childhood I could have asked for. Mum doesn’t know it, but she’s the life force behind Petite Maison. I’m simply paying it forward.

Image of small child peeking into Petite Maison Play Home Sweet Home Table Tent cubby

The rise of technology means we and our children are constantly held in two realms. My mission is to bring our children back to the moment because mindful play has endless lifelong benefits.

I launched Petite Maison during early motherhood. Raising Rosie has been a blessing but motherhood can also take its toll.

Parenting comes with a good dose of worry that you can’t quite understand until you’re a parent yourself. The least we can do at Petite Maison is lessen the general state of worry with a splash of play and a double dose of joy.

Image of Petite Maison Play Magical mushroom cubby with 2 little children sitting inside

The truth is, we LOVE what we do.

We create beautiful spaces and heirlooms that foster spontaneous play. It is in these meaningless moments that our children find their most meaningful memories. 

We are certain of one thing: Children thrive when they are given one simple tool to do so. 

This is happiness built on the art of play. It’s that simple. But it doesn’t end with childhood. Those foundations lay the pathway to happiness and peace for the rest of their lives. 

So, sit down with a cup of hot coffee (gasp!) or a glass of chilled bubbles - because goodness knows, Mama, you deserve it.

Enjoy this corner of the world, and please email me with any questions at

Let's Play, Love Kate xo

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