12 Divine Mother’s Day Gift Ideas You’ll be ‘Subtly’ Hinting For

12 Divine Mother’s Day Gift Ideas You’ll be ‘Subtly’ Hinting For

My mother is a people person – a generous, loving, and creative person. Growing up, she was a little kooky, inviting me to own my eccentricity too. 

As a single mum, she made up for material possessions in spades through unbridled imagination and pure kindness. It was the most content, creative childhood I could have asked for. Mum doesn’t know it, but she’s the life force behind Petite Maison. I’m simply paying it forward.

At Petite Maison, we are ALL about making mum’s life easier. It’s one of the reasons we designed the Table Tent concept – to give Mum uninterrupted coffee/bubbles/tea to herself. Because we KNOW you deserve it. 

With that in mind, we made it our mission to curate the BEST Mother’s Day Gift Guide of all time, brimming with local artisans, ethical items, and sustainable wares that you’ll be dreaming of, and hopefully receiving, on Mother’s Day morning. 

There’s no doubt in our minds, you’ve earned this. Without further ado, get clicking or forward this article to your kids or your partner. To follow are our most coveted pieces. This one’s for you, Mum. 

1. YCL Jewels

YCL’s Astrologia collection is made with in 18k gold-fill. These divine pendants represent both your star sign and that of your child. Each necklace imprint is customisable, so Mum can wear her baby close to her heart at all times. YCL pieces are consciously crafted, cruelty-free, use minimal packaging and are made in limited runs. 

Image of a YSL Jewel - a great gift for Mother's Day.

2. Lack Of Color

If Mum is sustainably chic, then she will love an innovative accessory. Made with sustainable materials like straw and palm leaf, and handcrafted in Mexico and the Dominican Republic, Lack of Color is a winner. 

Lack of Color straw hat - an innovative gift idea for your mother.

3. State Of Escape

This is the ultimate Mum bag, without looking like a baby bag – if you know what I mean. Big enough to throw in a small child if you need to (joking), each bag is carefully crafted in Australia, with meticulous quality so you know it’s going to endure Mum life. They’re the OG of neoprene bags, and the only place to store everything but the kitchen sink. 

State of Escape bag.

4. Linden Cook

Kate, the founder of Petite Maison, received the thumbprint necklace for her 40th birthday and it’s a piece to treasure, love, and wear forever. With little Rosie’s exclusive thumbprint forever embedded close to her heart, this is every mother’s dream jewel brought to life. Handmade in Melbourne, these exquisite accessories are tailored by a small family business that cares deeply about connection, customisation, creativity, and character. It’s so much more than a piece of jewellery.

Linden Cook jewellery

5. Little Quartz Co

Need an energetic lift? The signature style of Little Quartz Co is dramatic statement pieces that will elevate your mood and life simply by looking at them. Not only that, these crystals run at vibrations that the eye cannot see, helping you to find your way back to true alignment in life, all whilst looking so dang pretty and sparkly in your home. 
Little Quartz Co

6. Huxter Soaps

If you are ditching plastic this year (Go Mum!) then you’ll love the renaissance of the trusty soap bar. Huxter Soaps are wrapped in paper packaging boasting heavenly artworks from local Australian artists, and the products are made here in Australia. Plus, they now have an entire range, full of loved-up words, just for Mum. 
Huxter Soaps

7. Bee Green Wraps

If you’re not one for cling wrap, these beeswax wraps from Bee Green Wraps are an excellent and sustainable alternative that can be used for life. Maintaining freshness whilst saving the planet is our idea of fun. Use these pretty little ladies for school lunches, cheeses, leftovers, and salads. Made with Australian beeswax, they’re not only good for the planet, they’re good for your internal organs (no icky chemicals).
Bee Green Wraps

8. Magazine Subscription

Every Mum craves and deserves me-time. A subscription to Peppermint Magazine is the perfect solution. Covering slow food, ethical fashion, natural living, health and beauty, diversity, social entrepreneurs and more, this mag has it all. A hand-held, page-turning paperback mag has nostalgic vibes that our phones could simply never replicate. Stick me in the bath and I’m done. 

9. Sahaja Yoga Mats

Perfect for mama zen time, Sahaja yoga mats are the luxury, eco-friendly mats that give back. The company is a social enterprise who have partnered with Illumination Solar to give solar light to families around the world who don’t have access to the simple luxury of switching on a light at night. The base of the mat is made from natural tree rubber, the micro-fibre upper towel is made from recycled plastics, and they are printed with non-toxic water based inks. Wait there’s more – you can order a matching mini mat for your child.
Sahaja yoga mats for mum.

10. Posie Candles

Posie candles are designed, assembled and hand-poured locally in Byron Bay using 100% soy wax, natural fragrance and essential oils in a range of reusable vessels. They are fair trade, cruelty-free, eco-conscious, and smell divine.
Posie Candles 

11. Moss Living 

The linen wardrobe staples at Moss Living are set to last a lifetime and beyond. These comfy, wear-everywhere silhouettes are made with French Flax linen and are thoughtfully designed in Currumbin, Australia. Their GOTS-certified fabrics also range in beautiful bedding that you’ll never want to get out of, giving you that clean-sheet feeling every single day of the week. 
Moss Living

12. House of KWA

Is there anything quite like a good read, Mum? The team at Petite are completely infatuated with books; the old-fashioned paperback species. House of Kwa, authored by local wordsmith Mimi Kwa, regales the gripping story of four generations of silk purveyors. This tale is rich in grit and grace, and entirely un-put-down-able.
House of KWA Book

As a bonus, here is a Slow Down and Soften guided meditation as a gift from the one and only stillness guru, Georgia Rhodes. Hailing from the heavenly setting of the Byron Hinterland, let her soothing voice take you far, far away and back into your body at once. 

I launched Petite Maison during early motherhood. Raising Rosie has been a blessing but motherhood can also take its toll.

Parenting comes with a good dose of worry that you can’t quite understand until you’re a parent yourself. The least we can do at Petite Maison is lessen the general state of worry with a splash of play and a double dose of joy.

The rise of technology means we and our children are constantly held in two realms. My mission is to bring our children back to the moment because mindful play has endless lifelong benefits for both you and your child.

Happy Mother’s Day! We hope that, above all, you get lots of cuddles, extraordinary artwork, and maybe even a homemade breakfast. You deserve it. With lots of love from the team at Petite Maison.

Image of Petite Maison Play's founder Kate Robinson with her mother and daughter.

Another image of Petite Maison Play founder Kate Robinson with her mother and daughter.

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